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Join Pandora's Pantry and be treated like the goddess you are. You'll be automatically entered to win fabulous gifts from the Pandora store, like a year's worth of tea and free skin care, as well as special offers and Pandora Pantry "member only" deals -- all free.

By becoming a member, you'll also be able to start shopping right away with the ease of having your personal information and charity of choice instantly available each time you shop!

We promise not to spam you and we'll keep your private information safe and sound.

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Pandora's Paradise Club

Shoppers, Charities and Merchants… have you claimed your opportunity to be a part of this growing world movement? Have you joined the club and taken the pledge to change the world through shopping? See how easy it is to add your voice to millions of others summoning world change.

The concept is simple.

We don’t change what you do. We simply change what you do, does. The ultimate GREEN giving machine is sustainable giving with a capital “S”—we offer more benevolence for the buck.

Join Pandora's Paradise Club today and begin earning rewards for you and your favorite charities.

Shoppers earn up to 25% back on their purchases.

  • 50% of your cash rebate can be used as a cash donation up to (3) of your favorite charities.
  • Keep the other 50% as a cash rebate.
  • Shoppers can also choose to give 100% of the cash reward to charity.




Pandora's Pantry Pandora's Pantry is "all giving" and named for PANDORA, the very first woman in Greek mythology who was formed out of clay. Just like the promise of that first woman Pandora’s Pantry was created with hope that women and men will restore hope and peace to humanity and the planet simply by being the authentically powerful, beautiful, naturally intelligent and all-giving creatures that we are. Now, that’s why we’ve grown to be able to offer Pandora’s Paradise Club, where we can show even greater intelligent compassion through kind-hearted commerce



Here's how it works:

  1. Register. Click the Create Account button on for your free Pandora's Pantry account.
  2. Join. Add your (MyMe Card) to your cart.
  3. Begin Shopping. Start earning and sharing membership benefits, instantly. Earn and Give when you access thousands of trusted merchants you already shop with, thru the Help Worldwide Online Mall on Local stores & Services are identified with the Blue Help Worldwide Logo, OR Pandora's Flutterby. In local stores Swipe your Pandora's Paradise Club My Me Card™ before you pay with ANY METHOD YOU CHOOSE accepted by the merchant – CASH, CREDIT, STORED VALUE, OR CHECK. You earn cash back and your cash donation will be recorded to your account...and soon on its way to the charity you have chosen. For a complete list of local and online merchant rebates, visit our online mall.
  4. Start earning up to 25% in cash rebates where 50% can be donated as a cash donation to your favorite charities. After each transaction, our exclusive platform automatically directs a donation to the charity you select during signup. Our platform allows you to change your selected charity at any time through your online account. You can also change the percentage of your donation and split your charitable donations with up to three charities. You can even choose to be a VIP supporter and donate all of your earnings.
  5. Membership Benefits


Join Pandora's Paradise Club





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